L acemakers


poetry and nonfiction  



Winner of the 2010 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award


“The poems of Lacemakers have much in common with the experience of gliding she describes so vividly in one poem—all lightness and delicacy and daring. At the same time, their urgently associative cinematography moves and accrues until with the poet we feel equally sized to the sky and fastened to the particular and exquisite life of things. Lifted on the page by an impeccable ear and her careful, unflinching eye for the arresting metaphor, these graceful lyrics manifest a twenty-first-century pilgrim’s desire to dwell in the space between the gravities of place and the lure of the placeless, between bodily desire and the clarity of the bodiless, between the ties of Earth and those of an elusive Heaven.” 

     —Daniel Tobin, author of Belated Heavens


“The language of Claire McQuerry’s poems extends a vivid telegraph that reports back to us from a human frontier, both terrible and beautiful. It is all very memorable, musical, and precise. These are brilliant first poems!” 

     –Norman Dubie, author of The Volacano


“Bearing both the loving attention and the estimable skill of the lacemaker, Claire McQuerry attends to the abundant, often perplexing threads that comprise the apparent world, intent on making of that abundance something that serves. Hers is a craft that makes apprehensible that ‘sweetness of all things beyond reach.’ "

     –Scott Cairns, author of Compass of Affection

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